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Prior going to college, I was always a spoilt brat who wanted more freedom. When my dad finally decided that he would send me to college, I was so delighted that I could finally escape from my family`s curfew and controls! However, he`s not going to send me to my favourite college. Being the head of the cheerleading team in my school, I would always have my girlfriends around to gossip and mingle with. So when my parents decided to enroll me in college, I had this thoughts that I might have to face my solitary days alone.

The only thing I could do to keep abreast with current issues was to use the internet connection provided in the college dormitory. As expected, we always hear about complaints concerning the substandard services of our local internet providers, despite their sweet promises of lightning quick downloads. I reminisced the days when I was watching chic flicks at the cinema back in my home town. So, I flipped through the local newspaper and found out a great movie review on "Confession of A Shopaholic" written by a famous critic. To my disappointment, there was no movie theatre near my college.

I have heard a lot of about downloading music or files via online software, and I pondered over it because I have not tried doing it myself and didn`t know where to download movies online. Subsequently, I asked a friend who`s IT savvy to guide me regarding this. That`s when I first heard about UseNext. For starters, I had problems trying to start the download. It took about 5 minutes to try to understand what the program was really about and I finally learned how to start downloading by referring to the Help Section. To my surprise, it only took about 5-7 minutes to download the software. It was just too easy!

By downloading UseNext for free, you are entitled to a 14-days free trial to download any movie you want at no cost. In other words, you can find out where to download movies of your choice that you want within the stipulated number of days.

Of course, UseNext has an unlimited choice of movies for you to choose from - box office movies, children films, teenage dramas, you name it. With downloading speeds of 50 mbps for trial members, I could download 4 movies in just 3 hours. Some people may think that there`s no free lunch in the world; well, that`s true in this case too. After the trial period expires, you`ll have to start paying to continue using it. The good news is that you do not have to worry where to download movies after the 2-week validity expires. UseNext has a package where you pay a fraction of the price of going to the cinema for an unlimited number of movie downloads.

Now, I no longer have to worry about where to download movies. The existence of UseNext has provided me the chance to kill all that idle time, and it helps me to save more than if I were to go to the cinema. Hence, I believe movie-goers can utilize this opportunity to make less frequent trips to the cinemas. Especially during the current economic downturn, UseNext is definitely the best solution to look for where to download movies!

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