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Nowadays, if you come across stuff which you have no idea what on earth it is or how to get it, people will just tell you "Google it" or "Wiki it". Well, I am one of those kind of people who have no idea what to do when it comes to technology. Besides search engines, we can also get some information from the emails about promotions and offers, which seem to fall out of the sky no matter how strong our mail filters are. One day, I received an email with a title "where to download free movies". I just ignored it but somehow forgot to delete it. That poor email remained in my mail box for I don`t know how long.

Now, here`s how the story went. One night, as I was waiting for my movie to be done downloading from a torrent, I accidentally clicked on that "where to download free movies" email. I was thinking, what`s the point of constantly worrying about your computer being infected by viruses, trojans, or worms, when no matter how cautious you are, you will still get infected ? Thus, with the link attached in the email, I went to their UseNext site and started reading about how to download movies from there.

It was surprisingly simple. The registration process took all of 5 minutes, and I was able to install the client straight into my computer. However, like other trial downloads, you get free trials with a maximum cap on your download speed, which is 1mbps. But 1mbps is not all UseNext can offer. They do provide full maximum download speeds at 50mbps with an allocation of 5 gigabytes. So what does this have to do with "where to download free movies"? Well, not only do you get to access movies for free, but you get to download the WHOLE movie without being prompted to pay in the midst of enjoying it. I actually downloaded nearly 50 movies during the trial period of 14 days. What`s more, there wasn`t any infection of any kind during this period. UseNext was safe!

However, once you`re done with the free trial, you`ll have to start paying. There are 3 packages you can choose from: USD$23.98 for a maximum of 125 gigabytes per month, USD$11.92 for 50 gigabytes per month OR USD$9.52 for 25 gigabytes a month. Imagine, with only 5gigabytes for half a month, I could download 50 movies. The packages offered are really worth every penny! Still wondering where to download free movies?

You must be thinking, what about the quality of the movie? Well, the scenes are awesome! You can even pause the movie for your toilet breaks, lunch breaks, dinner breaks - whatever breaks you can name of. Also, unlike going to cinemas, you do not have to worry about how you dress as the only thing that`s going to be staring at you is the computer. Whether you`re in your pajamas, in a rag, look like a ghost, who cares! You can even have your favorite beverage or snacks with you when you`re watching, and most importantly, you are at ease and relaxed while enjoying your favorite movie. If you ask me where to download free movies, go to UseNext and give it a try!

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