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where can I download movies

It was the holiday season. I was supposed to relax and forget about my studies for a whole month, and just have fun. But as the first week of the holiday began, I came to realise that this was the most boring holiday ever. I asked some of my friends what they did to fill up their extremely-free time. Most of them said "I watched movies with my friends all night every night and sleep during the daytime; it was so much fun!".

I wanted to watch movies too. I wanted to have fun with my friends too. So I decided to have a slumber party at my house, filled with movie-watching all night long. First things first : get the dvds. I went to the nearby store to search for the dvds only to realise that I hadn`t planned on which movie to watch. So I called some of my friends and told them about the slumber party I was organizing. Each person gave me a host of different movie titles. I couldn`t buy all of them because it would be too expensive. But it wouldn`t be fair to grant a person`s wish and ignore another person`s, would it? I almost decided to cancel the party when one of my friends suddenly called and told me to just download the movies. But where can I download movies? I`ve never downloaded any songs or movies from the Internet before!

Then, onefriend told me about USENEXT. I went straight home and turned on my laptop, and searched ‘USENEXT` using /google. I found out that USENET is something like a movie downloader, which definitely answered my question : "where can I download movies?" So I decided to give it a try.

I wasn`t sure whether or not all the 8 movies I downloaded would be finished in time. It turned out that they did! It only took a couple of hours to finish downloading, not only because of my high-speed internet connection, but also because there was no waiting time for the files when I downloaded using USENEXT, which means it downloads the 8 movies all at once! I didn`t really know how to use it at first, so I was a little slow at downloading the files. But the member`s area contained tips on how to find the movies I was looking for, which was a great help for me. I tried to calculate how much money I saved by downloading the movies instead of buying the dvds. One dvd would have cost me around 7 dollars, so eight dvds would be about 56 dollars! I only paid almost 12 dollars to use USENEXT, and for an entire month too. A whole month, where I can download movies equal to more than 30 cds! Obviously, I saved A LOT.

My friends arrived that evening and we watched all the 8 movies throughout the night. We had so much fun that they decided to stay another night. So, I downloaded a number of different movies and we all had our beauty sleep as we waited for the downloads to complete. I never knew there was a place where I could download movies so easily. There were no ads every five minutes, unlike some websites, where I used to watch online movies instead of downloading it. In fact, there were no ads at all! My advice is, anyone planning a slumber party who finds him or herself asking the same question I did - "where can I download movies?" - should definitely sign up for a USENEXT account.

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