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All my life, I have always been ignorant about technology. Exhibit A : I don`t know how to use 3G, or whatever it is that teenagers love to use nowadays. I don`t even know whether or not my cellphone supports that function. Even more, I don`t know what it is!

There was one thing I knew about technology though, and that was how to perform a Google search. I was broke, so I decided to search for part-time jobs on the internet. Miraclously, I managed to find one. I found a job that had everything to do with what I loved doing - reviews on shopping! However, one of my assignments was to write an article on promoting the USENEXT downloading programme, apparently falling under the category of "shopping". I was all "What on earth is USENEXT??" I had never even heard of it, let alone used it! So I decided to take up the challenge to learn more about technology. I could almost see the fire burning within my own eyes. "This was my chance to learn" I thought. Right there and then, I opened USENEXT`s website. The first line that caught my eye was ‘online movie downloads`. Could it possibly mean what I thought it meant? Online movie downloads?? Wow. "So this is where my friends get movies", I said to myself. That was my first lesson about technology for today. It sounds awkward, I know, but I was actually quite surprised to know that we could download any movie we want, from the comfort of our own home, without having to pay for cinema tickets to watch it! I am truly a tech-idiot. Oh well.

So I decided to give it a try. By a stroke of luck, just to try it, customers were given a trial package. Online movie downloads were free, for a whopping two weeks! Now that, is a bargain. What was more rewarding was that it was UNLIMITED. All I had to do to get free AND unlimited online movie downloads was to fill up a form. It took me less than 2 minutes to fill it all up. There were no stupid questions. No weird, questionable things to fill in, just my name, my address, my email, and that was it! Simple, isn`t it?

Another thing caught my eye. For as low as 11.32 dollars a month, I get to download any movie I want, anytime, anywhere. After the trial package has ended, that is. What a bargain! I mean, come on, we don`t need a calculator to find out which one is more rewarding; a trip to the cinema every weekend (meaning : 8 movies a month and more than 50 dollars spent each month), or unlimited movies for 11.32 dollars a month. Hello? I don`t know about everyone else, but I`m never ever going to watch a movie at the cinema after this. I`m s a v i n g.

As a start, I decided to download some of the movies that I had constantly wanted to watch but had missed every opportunity to do so. One of them was ‘Dragonball`. I LOVED it. Movie deadlines in cinemas? Worry no more. Loud voices from other people? Worry no more. Expensive tickets? Worry NO MORE. I wonder what Santa would say if he tried this online movie downloads downloader. "Hohoho", I guess (haha). Christmas is a season to be jolly, and to be happy. And with USENEXT, everyday`s a Christmas day for me.

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