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As we grew older, my friends and I started to dread going to malls. Unless we have 101 things to do, the decision to go there is pretty slim. It`s a strange evolution when we were always finding ways to get to the malls as much as possible back when we were schooling. Ergo, going to the malls just for a movie is not a convincing idea to us after entering the working life.

Being the greenhorn in a corporate world, I thought that everything and everyone was about work and seriousness, until I started bonding with my new found friends at work. Although, most of their time is focused solely on work, they still had time to keep up with the latest movies without the need to brave the crowds and long queues at the cinemas. Their secret was that they used a variety of techniques with the convenience of the internet back in their homes. Most of my friends use either p2p applications or torrents to download movies, and some of them have recommended to me UseNeXt, an online movie download software that has received high ratings and reviews from tech review magazines and websites, some of which includes PC magazine, PC Go, PC Praxis and PC Welt.

Personally, I agree with my friends who recommended UseNeXt, that it is a preferred online movie download software based on several reasons. UseNeXt offers a trial package where anyone can download and use their online movie download software for 14 days for free. Upon signing up for their trial package, it was like entering a movie haven. Being the impatient person that I am, I absolutely have no qualms on their software as its user interface was relatively easy to use. There was no limit to the number of movies I could download during the trial period. Oh joy, for someone like me who is hungry from the lack of movies at the moment; I took the advantage and managed to download enough movies to make my own mini movie marathon at home.

Another surprise and taste of satisfaction which came from using UseNeXt`s online movie download software is that the movies are ad-free. The movies there are unlike the online streaming websites, where there are usually annoying ads plastered all over that it can either creates distraction or confusion to the video clips. Watching the movies downloaded from the UseNeXt online movie download software is absolute bliss with no disturbance.

After snagging up a whole load of free movies, I get to choose if I want to continue the subscription for a small fee or just cancel my subscription altogether without any compensation for the movies I had already downloaded. UseNeXt`s online movie download paid subscription packages come in 3 types that are $11.91 for 25 Gigabytes, $17.90 for 50 Gigabytes and $29.88 for 125 Gigabytes. For the trial period, I get about 50 movies downloaded. So for 25 Gigabytes, I can get about 8 movies downloaded and that is already more than enough than to go to the cinemas which costs around $8 per ticket. In addition to that, I have a wider array of choices to choose from instead of merely what is currently screening, and get to watch the movies at my convenience.

There are no regrets in using UseNeXt online movie download software as I can cancel I whenever I want, I get to watch my movies at my convenience at a cheaper price and I am even reducing my carbon footprints by travelling lesser to the cinemas.

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