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Long before the film Avatar was released in cinemas on 18 December 2009, it was so widely discussed on fansites, forums, blogs and many different places. Obviously, the cinemas would be packed especially during the premier opening of the movie, and in the next few showing times that follow. Since I was too lazy to fight with the crowd, I was hoping to get new movie downloads and watch it all by myself straight from my computer screen, or burn it on a DVD and watch it on my flat screen Plasma television. Logically, it would not be available on the Internet for free during its first week being shown in the cinemas. I decided to wait another week and start searching on Google for new movie downloads as I wanted to download Avatar, a newly released movie. Frankly speaking, I knew it would be almost impossible to download the new box-office movie Avatar, for free but told myself it was no harm trying.

The top 10 search results on Google for new movie downloads were rather exciting. One of the top results even stated that free new movie downloads would be available on their website 24 hours after the movies are available in the theaters. It seemed too good to be true, but I was eager to find out and clicked on the link. There was some truth to it, when I saw a movie that had just made its debut in the cinemas the day before already available on the website. The movie which I was looking for was also of course could be downloaded, but at a price. On top of that, there was not even any preview session, and I was not prepared to pay the amount in $US which was actually quite a substantial amount in RM. I would be paying without even knowing what kind of quality I would be getting for the movie.

While busy searching, my cell phone rang and it was my good friend inviting a few of us over to her place to watch Avatar. I immediately asked her where she downloaded this new movie, at which she introduced to me. After getting a brief explanation from her, I was prepared that it would not be completely free forever but at least I could try it out for 2 weeks.

On the website, I signed up for a free account for a trial period of 2 weeks. By installing the free client software, I was entitled to a download speed of1000 kpbs and a limit of150 GB worth of movies files size. I felt very happy as it was so difficult to find any genuine websites that provided new movie downloads for free. is not exactly free forever, as I received an email after 2 weeks asking me for payment if I continue using their site to download movies. During the trial period, I managed to download about 40 fairly new movies, which are stored safely in my external hard disk.

To anyone looks for new movie downloads for free, at least for 2 weeks, do try out The quality is good and despite a slower download speed, it is free and you can simply leave your computer on and let the movies download. With the internet and, this website will be your one stop for any new movies. If you wish to have higher download speeds, you can upgrade to be a paying member after the trial period. Just pay an initial fee and gain unlimited access to their whole datable of new movie downloads.

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