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Would anyone believe me if I said that there were movies to download on the internet for free? It would probably be the same case 20 years ago when people said Manchester United were a small time football club. In the line of history, humans have a weird sense of judgment.

I came across a website one day while randomly browsing for sites that offered movies to download that were not torrent based. That particular website hosted a program called UseNeXT. The basic concept of the program was that it`s a client that allows the user to download anything on its database for a fixed volume depending on the amount paid by the user.

A unique feature of UseNeXT is the insanely high download speeds it can support. If one`s internet is up for it, the download speed can even reach up to 50mbps. I did my math and, considering I major in math I am confident I am correct, it only takes roughly one minute to complete downloading a movie at that rate.

So after reading a bit about UseNeXT and its features, I decided to defy rational thinking that there was probably a catch and downloaded the client. And I have not looked back since.

Thinking back, I have never once heard anyone I know of that pays for downloads, rather opting to use torrents or P2P programs like Limewire, which takes lightyears to complete downloading. UseNeXT has a 14-day trial which allows users to search for movies to download using their client for a fortnight, before prompting that you have to pay for further usage. Of course there is a cap for maximum speed with this option, 1mbps being the highest one can go. However, there is 5 gigabytes allocated for trial users to apply their full user maximum download speed, which is 50mbps. Thus immediately after installing the client onto my computer I gave it a test run, selecting several movies to download while I took a short nap.

When I next opened my eyes I found myself, jaws wide open, staring at a screen of completed downloads boasting all the biggest movies of the year, and then some. Some people might still be skeptical over UseNeXT, seeing as it was only a trial. What happens after that? Well, payment would have to follow, unfortunately. But I managed to download just about every major movie in recent time before the fortnight was over. Taking the price of a movie ticket cinemas charge, and comparing with the meager price UseNeXT charges for movies to download of $23.89 USD per month for a maximum of 125 Gigabytes per month, or $9.52 and $11.92 for 25 and 50 gigabytes respectively, 2 trips to the cinema could cover the entire monthly cost.

Simply put, UseNeXT is a useful and incredible tool for anyone with any interest in movies, or anything shown on a screen, be it cinema or TV for that matter. I was skeptical at first but now I think I won`t be able to live without UseNeXT. Anything on the database is accessible and nothing is off-limits, from movies to download to games for time wasting, nothing is unavailable.

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