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I am the youngest child in my family, and being one, my older brothers have very high expertise regarding computers and finding those ever elusive movies to download. Being brothers, they at times refuse to help me whenever I need their help in downloading movies over the internet. This matter is further compounded by the fact that I have no idea as to how to download and burn movies. They would only help me when I nag at them repeatedly the last draw even broke out into a fight between my brothers and me. They always said "Find it yourself!". I can understand their concerns, but every little sister should have someone to watch over them, right? Since that crawl, I determined that I would learn how to search for free full movies downloads by myself, and after much attempt and struggle, I found UseNext.

UseNext took me by surprise as it only took a few minutes to install the program into my computer. Usually it would take quite awhile to download it, but this time it was fast. Amazed by the speed of the program, I then started to sign up for UseNext. Once you have signed up, you are entitled to their 14 days trial. Believe me when I say that I was ecstatic to try it out! I sat there for the next couple of hours searching for a nice movie to download. Being a straight A student, you don`t have much time to watch movies (and having my brothers occupying the computer almost all the time), and as such I didn`t even know that Avatar was on!

With UseNext, the choices from which you can choose of movies to download was enormous because UseNext has plenty of choices. I am proud to say that I was able to single-handedly download all my favorite movies and all the movies that I`ve missed watching due to the exams last semester. Being a trial member, I assumed the choices of movies to download would be minimal and the speeds we were allocated were assumed to be slow; however it was just the opposite. Believe it or not, I was able to download the movie into my computer in just 7 minute!. Again I was amazed by the speed that a trial member could access, as premium users get even more, up to 50 Megabytes per second. To me, even the trial membership was more than enough, as I managed to download 45 movies in a short span of two weeks.

After my two weeks trial was over, I was sad about it; but then again, I was satisfied with UseNext`s performance. As a comparision, the number of movies I downloaded was equivalent to a few hundred dollars worth of movie tickets, and that more than justified the other cons that came with it. What more can I say? It`s totally worth every penny. Since then I have been suggesting UseNext to all my friends as a great place to find your choice movie to download.

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