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Watching movies has become so easy since I`ve started using USENEXT. In fact, it is now my hobby. I used to wait for ages for any great movie to be shown on the tv, since there are no cinemas in my town. Before, I had to get on a bus for eight full hours before I could reach any town with a cinema. It`s such a waste of time and money, and let`s not forget energy! What really made me sad was when movies were premiered ‘only in cinemas`. What was I to do, if USENEXT hadn`t appeared right then and there in the form of my neighbor`s words? I would have been staying at home, doing absolutely nothing and boring myself out.

Unlike on TV, my options weren`t restricted to just watching these movies that I have downloaded. I could keep them! The main difference is, I can pause it anytime to refill my homemade popcorn, or go to the toilet or whatever. After that, I can just sit in front of my laptop and continue watching it. It`s as simple as that. These movie downloads don`t take hours to complete, unlike many of the host websites around. In fact, I`ve managed to complete multiple movies in an hour! It doesn`t really matter how many movie downloads you make, because there isn`t any file waiting queue. So even if you download 5 movies at once, it will still finish at the same length of time as one movie. Unbelievable? The real fact is, USENEXT provides download speeds of up to 50 Megabytes per second. Yes, no wonder it takes so little time to complete movie downloads.

Now, I am the most up-to-date person in my class, having watched every latest blockbuster movie. At first, I thought of keeping USENEXT a secret, but after a while of watching movies alone, I decided to share the juice with some of my closest friends. They hardly believed it when I told them about USENEXT, and they couldn`t believe that it was all free. That night, I decided to invite them to my house to prove that there was such a thing as a client providing free movie downloads. They started to tell me about Ares p2p, another client that offers movie downloads. However, Ares` P2P service has to many loopholes, and I have a nagging memory of having to reformat my computer after one such bout of downloads. As a safety measure, I always scan the files I download from USENEXT using my laptop`s antivirus, and so far they`ve all turned out to be virus-free.

Who needs a cinema in town when you can just watch movies anywhere you like? Us schoolmates don`t moan about not having a cinema in town anymore. We all decided that we would rather choose movie downloads using USENEXT rather than an 8-hour trip to another town, just to wait in a long, long line at the cinema, ending up with seats with loud cough sounds from behind and ugly laughter from beside us. We no longer need to go on long trips to watch the latest blockbuster movies. That`s because we now have something even better: a cinema in the comfort of our own home.

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