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The Internet is a very powerful tool nowadays. Everything that we want, we can get them for free (oh well, not everything mind you, but you know what I mean). The best example would probably be the movie downloads for free. It is indeed a common thing for us Internet (or should I say, movie?) junkies.

See, how many of you are still looking for a better site or a better download client for movie downloads for free? If you`re saying, "I am" then this my friend, I give you a better way for you to download your favorite movies with amazing speed.

I was chatting with my friend, online (of course) when I first heard about it. We were talking about stuff when I started to complaint about how much of an amateur I was on searching for the best sites for downloading movies; and then I asked him which site he usually uses for movie downloads for free, since he is a movie junkie himself and assumingly a professional at finding movie downloads for free (yes, I have to repeat that over and over again because what I`m about to tell you later is awesome). He gave me a grin before he started to spill the sacred beans.

He introduced me to UseNext, and explained to me everything he knows about it. When I first heard it, I was like, "Yeah right, get outta here!" I just couldn`t believe a single word he said (or typed)! I mean, something like that is too good to be true! When it was finally time for us to part, he told me to give it a try myself if I didn`t believe him. "It won`t cost you a thing anyway," he said. I was still a little skeptical myself, thinking that this might be a scam, but in the end I decided to try it out anyway. After all, it`s movie downloads for free, right?

I checked UseNext`s website the next day. After reading up on what I thought might help me out, I registered on the site (which is surprisingly quick and easy to set up, in just 5 minutes) and downloaded the client from the site, in the hope that they wouldn`t charge me anything (well, of course they didn`t, it was a 14 days trial). Although there`s a maximum speed with this option (the 14 days trial), I must say, it is not really that frustrating. Have I mentioned that UseNext also gives a 5 gigabytes allocation for trial users to use at their maximum download speed, peaking at 50 Mbps? Yes, now you know. What`s more, even with the limitation as a trial user, I can still download an average of 20 to 40 movies within 14 days. Imagine how many movies you can download every month if you paid?

Exploiting UseNext`s offer of movie downloads for free was the most fun I had ever had. I personally think that paying the price of USD$23.98 for a maximum 125 gigabytes of downloads per month (or USD$9.52 for 25 gigabytes or USD$11.92 for 50 gigabytes) isn`t that much compared to going to the cinema every now and then. Who would want to miss like, 50 movies (or more perhaps), in a month and cheaper prices?

To sum things up, I would recommend UseNext for better movie downloads for free. Give it a try, just like I did, and see how you feel about it.

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