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Unlimited movie downloading has made it much easier for those of us who don`t have that much time to watch movies at the cinema. Watching movies at home during weekends or at any time of the day (if you are not working) becomes the best alternative for us.

Looking for movie downloading sites is not an easy job; but, no worries, as there`s a new kid on the block to help us with that. The Google search engine is a powerful tool when it comes to searching for movie downloading sites - I came across this very nifty site while I was searching on it.

Having had no prior experience using this website`s services, I decided to give it a try, since they offered a 14 days free trial. I was still a little hesitant at first, but when I considered how slow my other movie downloading client was performing, , I looked the other way and gave it a try anyway.

The registration set up is extremely user-friendly, and it only took me about 5 minutes to finish everything. However, the downside for trial users is that they impose a cap of a maximum speed with this option (the trial), with the highest speeds one can get hovering approximately around 1mbps. Luckily, they also provide a 5 gigabytes allocation for trial users to give the premium version a go, enabling download speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

After installing the client onto my computer, I ran it through a security check to pick out any hidden viruses, but it turned out clean. I immediately tried it and started the movie downloading right away. Well, what do you know! The client actually enabled me to download full movies without charging me anything. I managed to download just about 50 movies right before the trial expired.

What happens after that, you might ask? Well, you won`t be able to use it anymore, unless you renew your subscription by paying. However, once you pay for an initial fee, you immediately gain access to free downloads for the whole month! Yes, you heard me, one whole month!

So, what is the price to pay for such enduring downloads? Well, you can choose from a few packages, namely one which starts at USD$23.98 for 125 gigabytes per month, or another two at USD$11.92 for 50 gigabytes or USD$9.52 gigabytes per month respectively. If you feel that might be a tad expensive for you, then think about this: if I can download about 50 movies during the trial, imagine how many movies you can download in a month. Plus, you won`t have to deal with annoying counter operators, anxious of what others think about your dressing, no more missing scenes when you go for toilet breaks!
So, my friends, if you`re still looking for a reliable, trustable movie downloading solution, please give this site a try. Oh, the awesome movie downloading site that is UseNext. It is definitely the best movie downloading site ever, and you`ll agree with me once you give it a spin!

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