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how to download movies

Have you wondered how to download movies online with better quality and at maximum speeds? I used to wonder too. Searching Google with the keywords "how to download movies online", looking for better ways to download movies, didn`t really help. I always ended up with direct download sites, which usually took days to finish, and torrent sites which also take days, sometimes even weeks to be done. I always ended up buying DVDs up until a friend of mine came over to my house for a sleepover one day.

I was downloading movies that day, using both torrents and via direct download. He saw some of them and asked me why I didn`t use UseNext instead. Of course, that evoked a response from me, asking him what it was, and how to download movies with that thing anyway? He gave me an A to Z rundown about it, but I couldn`t believe it. I asked him; did he use UseNext to download his movies or did he just wanted me to try it, so he could use it too. He laughed and said, "I`ll help you with it".

He registered everything for me, which was suprisingly quick and only took all of 5 minutes to set up. Then he proceeded to install the client onto my computer and finally said, "Done!" I was still puzzled at that time, so I asked him, "How to download movies with that?" He then did the whole download thing for me and I just couldn`t believe my eyes. Although it was free and blatantly states that it has a maximum speed cap for trial users, it can still beat direct downloads and torrents by a mile. However, they still give a 5 gigabytes allocation for trial users so that we can try out the maximum download speeds paid users get to use at 50mbps.

I thank him for introducing me to UseNext. It wa a great way to get to download full length movies without worrying about being charge by the site. However, once the trial period is over, you have to pay for it to continue using it. But fret not, as once you pay an initial fee, you can get free downloads for the rest of the month! Yes, you heard me, free for the rest of the month!

If you`re still skeptical about it or worry that it might be scam, rest assured that you don`t have to worry. Try it as a trial user first, and once you feel more secure, try paying for some extra privileges, or don`t if you don`t want to pay anything. It is that simple.

Still, I don`t think that paying every month is a burden on me as they offer really cheap prices. Starting at USD$23.98 for a maximum of 125 gigabytes per month to USD$9.52 or USD$11.92 for 25 and 50 gigabytes per month respectively - if I can download 20 - 50 HD quality full movies in a mere 2 weeks, imagine how many movies you can download in a month. For less than the price of 3 movie tickets.

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