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One fine day, I was happily downloading several parts of a Korean movie ‘Daisy` through Youtube which was indeed rather troublesome, with so many files to download. However, this site was absolutely free with no hidden costs at all. After so much time spent on Google, typing in ‘full movie downloads`, I resorted to sticking to Youtube, slowly downloading each part of the movie. As I was too engrossed in downloading each file, I suddenly realized I forgot to check if the last part (ending) of the movie was available. Since Youtube is a user generated content site, the person who uploads the movie can remove it at any point of time. To my horror, the last two parts of the movie file was missing. I felt so miserable after spending so much time downloading the earlier parts, and telling myself, "goodbye full movie downloads", even Youtube has failed me. It`s time to go back to buying DVDs or just watch movies at the cinemas.

I diverted my attention to surfing the internet, but completely avoiding any more searches regarding full movie downloads. I did not want to get disappointed or waste any more time either needing to pay halfway through the movie or simply like the Youtube case mentioned above. It suddenly crossed my mind that one of my Facebook contacts constantly updated her status of completion of watching a movie almost everyday. I immediately checked out her profile, and clicked for a full list of comments on her status. Of course, someone had asked her where she watched the movies, and she generously shared that full movie downloads are available from There is also a free trial period of 14 days, which she had used up but had managed to download about 40 movies.

Without much hesitation, I clicked on the UseNext link she posted on her Facebook profile. It was indeed true that the trial period is for 14 days, download speed was limited to 1000 kpbs and capped at 150 GB worth of movies files size. Since I was not really obsessed with movies, I was overjoyed that I could download at least all my favorite movies in the 2 weeks period. I signed up for a free account, installed the software, checked for any viruses and immediately started my search for all the movies I wanted. It was really free, at least for the trial, and finally my quest for full movie downloads has ended.

Since I was on my semester break, I had all the time to think of movies I wanted to download. Nevertheless, I had to be pretty quick too as the movie files were typically quite big and took up to a few hours to download. On top of that, I had to share the computer with my siblings and could only download it throughout the night when everyone was asleep. All in all, I managed to make the best out of the free trial by downloading 40 full movies through

I was so happy and posted a link to the website on my Facebook Page, and also a post entitled ‘Full movie downloads for 2 weeks`. I received several comments from my Facebook contacts and found that I was not the only one trying to search for really free full movie downloads. As expected, sent me an email asking for payment if I wish to continue using their service. The terms are actually quite competitive, whereby paying an initial fee would give use a much higher download speed any unlimited access to all their titles in the database.

In my opinion, if you are looking for full movie downloads, do check out This will relieve you the hassle of watching a movie halfway, to be prompted for payment or simply downloading Youtube movie videos with on ending.

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