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My girlfriend used to complain a lot, saying I wasted money all the time. "Being rich doesn`t mean you don`t have to worry about your future. Every person needs a retirement plan", she used to say. I was hurt that she didn`t appreciate the romantic things that I planned for the both of us. She didn`t even say ‘thank you` when I took her to the cinema to watch her favourite movie, even when I had to pay extra for the couple seat! Lisa always knew how to save money. I didn`t. All I ever cared about was to make her feel special and happy. She always said "I wish there was a place where we can have a free movie download" …which we all know is impossible. I mean, there`s no free lunch in the world. Or so I thought.

One day, she told me about USENEXT. She said she heard it from a friend but hadn`t tried it yet because she didn`t own a laptop nor a pc (she always refused when I insisted on buying her either one). So, we decided to try it out using my laptop. She gave me a list of movies that she liked and I tried downloading them after signing up as a member of USENEXT. It didn`t take long to complete all of the downloads; and best of all, it`s FREE! Only then did I realize how much money I could save by downloading movies on my own instead of watching them at the cinema or buying DVDs. A free movie download? It`s a chance of a lifetime!

Since then, Lisa and I started to watch movies at my house instead of at the local cinema. After all, who wouldn`t choose a free movie download instead of an expensive couple-seat ticket? As an added bonus, she seemed much happier too. She praised me for trying to do things her way - the cheaper way. After two weeks, the trial package ended and I had to pay a small sum of money to continue using USENEXT. It was as if I paid for one movie and the next thirty were free. Yes, FREE! And thirty wasn`t the limit - I could have a free movie download whenever I wanted!

Since we`d found out about USENEXT, Lisa has accepted my offer of buying her a laptop. She`s an expert now in using USENEXT. The truth is, everyone can be an expert in using USENEXT, it`s just so easy to use. Now, Lisa downloads the movies while I take care of the venue [which is my house] and the food. She absolutely loves making a free movie download instead of watching it at the cinema like we used to. She complains less about my money-wasting habit now, and loves me more instead. I guess her wish did come true. It turned out there was a place where we could find a free movie download. And it certainly wasn`t one of those "a chance of a lifetime" kind of things. It`s a lot of chances in a lifetime. I would like to thank USENEXT for making my life richer, better, and most of all, making Lisa happier!

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