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Having a full time job that requires a lot from you has its disadvantages and its advantages. The one disadvantage that I hate the most is not having a lot of free time to watch new movies of my interest. That is, until I came to know about UseNext. At first, I kept telling myself that it was a waste of time to sit and search for free full movie downloads over the internet; as being a lawyer`s clerk, sitting down and using my office computer all day typing notes and data was already tedious enough. Therefore, the idea to sit even more at home and download movies was very unattractive to me, to say the least. However, my constant nagging to my buddies staccato-ed up to a point where a friend of mine insisted that I take a look at UseNext.

To my utter surprise, I found UseNext very interesting and easy to use. UseNext allows you to get free full movie downloads. In the beginning I assumed the downloading of the system into my computer would take ages but I was proven wrong. It only took 2 minutes for the system to download itself into my computer. Very keen on it, I signed up for it. Since every newbie gets a 14 days trial, I told myself that I at least ought to give it a shot.

Being in the office the whole day with a lot of spare time, I downloaded UseNext onto my office computer. To my surprise, the speed it reached, despite running on DSL Cable, was even greater than that of my home, up to approximately 50 Mbps. Just by having it installed on my office computer, I could easily obtain an unlimited supply of free full movies downloads. This has definitely lifted my motivation for going to work. Once the downloads were finished, I could happily transfer them to my home and watch the downloaded movies.

The best part about using UseNext is the unlimited amount of choices I have of movie genres. They have all sorts of movies, from short films to blockbuster movies, even series such as 90210, Grey`s Anatomy and so forth. By having these choices, I can be spoilt for choice and download all of them, always up to date with my friends whenever movie topics were to arise.

Unfortunately, everything has its limits. By the end of my 14 day trial of free full movie downloads, I was disappointed because I could no longer download the movies for free. But when I gave it a second thought, during my 14 days trial, I was able to download almost 50 movies of my choice - which to me sounded very reasonable. Thereafter, whenever I had some extra cash, I started to pay UseNext for my downloads. Frankly, I do not believe that paying UseNext is a waste of money because it is considered a very small amount of money for an unlimited amount of movies for a period of 1 month. If I could download close to 50 movies in 14 days, imagine how much more I could download in a month.

Everybody has their own doubts, even me. When I first wanted to pay UseNext using my credit card, I was scared as I had never trusted internet transactions. But I made a choice to do it, and after much consideration, found that UseNext is a trustworthy company with its high security maintenance. My addiction towards UseNext to gain free full movie downloads has caught my colleagues` attention, and now it seems that half of the staff at my workplace get their free full movie downloads at UseNext. I would definitely recommend it to movie lovers everywhere.

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