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Life was once easy. People went to work, returned home, spent time with their families, and went to bed. That was before the internet existed, life just got a lot more complicated because of it. The first thing one would do upon stepping foot into the house is no longer wishing the family - it is to go online and check for updates on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and everything else under the sun.

I am no different myself. I check for new e-mails everyday, scan Facebook, and occassionally play games with friends online. But there's one more thing I do that involves the internet which differs from the large majority - I use a program called UseNeXT for free downloads of movies.

I stumbled across UseNeXT one sunny afternoon while clicking on an interesting link from a torrent hosting website. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a look at the UseNeXT website, just to cull the urge inside.

After looking at the details of the program, I started to wonder to myself, could this be real? Was I staring at a website which provides incredibly high download speeds for free downloads of movies and huge volume limits at such low costs. I opted to try the 14-day free trial offered and give it a test drive. I mean, no harm done right?

The 14-day trial provides users with a maximum download speed of 1mbps, less than the full user's privilege of a whopping 50mbps. For the meager price of $23.89 USD per month for a maximum of 125 Gigabytes per month, or $9.52 and $11.92 for 25 and 50 gigabytes respectively, users are capable of completing their free downloads of movies at the rate of 2 minutes per movie.

After downloading the UseNeXT client, I proceeded to click every available download I could find before heading for dinner. Upon reaching home, I took a peek at the download progress of my free downloads of movies and my jaw was literally hanging of my face like a loose thread. All my downloads were complete. Barely two hours had passed and already about 10 or so movies were ready for me to watch, in the comfort of my own home. To me it was like a dream come true.

Skeptics may argue that even though it is cheap, UseNeXT is still not free. That may be so, but taking the price cinemas usually charge for a movie ticket into consideration, 2 trips to the cinema would cover the entire month's cost for UseNeXT. Even Costco wouldn`t be able to give a better bargain. Furthermore, I am able to watch the movies from the comfort of my own home, sometimes even lying down on my bed.

In conclusion, UseNeXT is an awesome program that offers great oportunities for anyone and everyone with an internet connection (I would assume that to be the majority of readers here), not just for free downloads of movies, but even for other programs that their massive database might boast. Anyone in their right mind should give it a shot, no questions asked.

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