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It was the first holiday that I truly spent alone. Pals were all overseas or on holiday, and I was so bored from staying at home that I even invited some of my hi-bye friends to come and stay with me throughout the holiday. They only lasted a day at my house, not knowing what to do to fulfill their equal pangs of boredom. I wasn`t offended though; I could totally relate to how they had felt. I had my laptop with me but all I had on it was games from Microsoft and a downloader that took ages to download movies. We eventually became tired of playing the same games and watching the same movies over and over again, and I was so lazy to download new movies because it wasn`t worth the wait. Waiting for those downloads of movies got on my nerves anyway.

Luckily, my best friend Michael called and told me about this new downloader he just discovered, ‘USENEXT`. Drawing from the bad experiences of downloading movies from the Net, I wasn`t really listening to what he was saying over the phone. I just didn`t care; I would rather wait in line at the nearest cinema to buy tickets to watch a movie. It might have been a little pricey, but I couldn`t be bothered with using the stupid downloader anymore. But Michael didn`t quit. He kept telling me to try, at least try to use USENEXT, if only to prove that he was wrong. Consequently, I signed up as a member of USENEXT. It took not much more than 5 minutes to fill up the sign-up form - I was quite happy about that I admit. Downloads of movies will always be the same, regardless of which downloader we`re using. Or so I thought.

After the programme finished installing, I tried downloading some movies using USENEXT. They were the same movies that I downloaded using the former downloader which I had installed in my laptop, and I downloaded the same ones just to compare the speeds. I went out for a few hours and when I came back, the downloads of movies had finished! I was so surprised that I called Michael right away, only to be promptly told "I told you so!".
I knew he was going to say that, but for once, I didn`t care. Where did he find this magical downloading gimmick? And it was all for free once I signed up for the trial package. I was already astonished by its speed but I wanted to convince myself against the nagging doubts in my head, so I decided to download yet more movies. And yet again, they all completed in just a couple of hours. The user experience was uncluttered too. All I had to do was ‘click, click, click`, and vÓila!

Downloads of movies using USENEXT are so satisfying. There was no more getting in line for tickets, no more paying for expensive popcorn and coke, and definitely no more boring holidays. "This is the life", I thought, as I watched the movies I downloaded, in the peace and serenity of my own home. Surprisingly, people are starting to come to my house now during the holidays. Now, wouldn`t you know!

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