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downloading movies

Before the Internet age, movies were typically shown at cinemas only using film rolls, and no one could watch it twice unless you spent money to buy a second ticket. With the advancement of technology, CDs and DVDs emerged in shops where we could buy and keep a collection of all our favorite movies. Today, there is no necessity for going to the cinemas or shops to purchase CDs or DVDs, everything can be done in the comfort of our home by downloading movies through the internet. We can simply choose our favorite movies, download them and watch them directly from our computer screen.

This wonderful advancement, which is downloading movies through the internet, does come with a price. As the saying goes, ‘there is no free lunch`. Nevertheless, I still tried to use google typing in the keywords ‘download full movies free`. Instantly, several results showed up with the keywords in bold, and out of curiosity I clicked on each one of them. To my dismay, none of them were actually free, some simply provided few minutes preview while others demanded for credit card or paypal account numbers. After wasting so much time visiting so many sites, I realized downloading movies on the internet could not be free after all.

Being bored, I asked around on MSN where I could download absolutely free movies and one of my internet buddies introduced my to He told me I could download movies absolutely for free, which immediately got me suspicious since I never came across this website after so much searching on Google. No harm checking it out, I thought and so I proceeded to the website.

Sure enough, this website allowed users to download movies by paying an initial fee but having unlimited access to their whole database thereafter. However, this website had something for people like me who were seeking out freebies. I immediately signed up, providing no credit card or paypal details; and shortly an email with my login and password was sent to me. The catch was that downloading movies for free was limited to the trial period of two weeks, and payment would follow after that period.

However since it was free, I decided to try it out. I installed one of the free softwares and followed the step by step instructions. Since it was free, the download speed was limited to 1000 kpbs. But no complains, since it was free. In addition, I had to choose which movies I really wanted to download as it was capped at 150 GB worth of movies files size. Of course since it was free, some of the really new movies were not available, but it did not really matter as I had not been to the cinemas for quite a while and had not watched the older movies.

After installation was complete, I quickly tried out downloading a movie ‘District 9`. It was pretty old, but I had not watched it yet and decided to give it a try. It indeed seems too good to be true, but the software downloaded actually allowed me to download full movies, though at an average speed. Since it was free, I tried to maximize the trial period by downloading movies day and night, leaving my computer on throughout the weeks.

Soon, the trial period was over but I had managed to download about 35 movies, all kept safely on my external hard disk. Of course, an email asking for payment followed if I wished to continue. The 35 movies was more than enough to keep me occupied during my holidays, and best of all I do not need to rush in and out booking tickets at the cinema.

Folks, UseNext is really worth trying, well at least for downloading movies during the free trial period. It is pretty fast considering there is no upfront payment or deposit required at all. Best of all, you can watch it over and over gain at the comfort of your home.

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