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Whenever I surf the internet, I often stumble upon interesting and unique videos on various websites. These videos may be for advertising purposes or simply an instructional video uploaded for free access to a website. Recently, I found a fantastic website teaching the Korean language step by step with full translation from English to Korean. Unfortunately, since it was free, the video was embedded on the website as an image file. There was no use for me to save it as all I could get was a mere standstill image of the video player. After getting bored with learning the Korean language, I started Googling ‘downloadable movies`, hoping to download some good movies to pass the time.

As expected, Google immediately showed numerous pages of results with the words download and movies in bold. The top results I clicked on advertised themselves on the homepage to be free and instant, painting the picture that I had access to free downloadable movies. However, as I clicked on the latest movie, Avatar it only offered a 3 minutes preview. There was no trial period and watching even one movie would require payment already. For me, I proceeded to exit the website since none of my friends had tried it and I would not know the quality of the movies unless I paid for it. There was no chance to even try out whether I would be satisfied with their downloadable movies available.

Upon starting up my MSN messenger, I updated my personal message to ‘where can I get free downloadable movies? A few minutes later, one of my MSN contacts, whom I recalled was really obsessed with downloading movies during his university days, replied me. He introduced me to and assured me that the quality of the movies were really good even in full screen mode. Since it was free, I knew there would be a catch, and my intuition proved me right.

The homepage immediately showed me that payment would be required, which will then lead to free, unlimited access to their whole database. However, what made stand out was that it was willing to give users a 2 week trial period, absolutely free! Since it was free, the download speed was limited to 1000 kpbs. In addition, I had to choose which movies I really wanted to download as it was capped at 150 GB worth of movies files size. Those were just minor issues, and I finally had access to free downloadable movies for 2 weeks. The process was rather simple, I signed up, installed the client software, and off I was to spending the next 2 weeks in movie paradise.

Every night, I left the computer on and let the movies download automatically. I immediately opened the first full movie file, and I was really amazed by the high quality of the movie and it was free. indeed had good marketing sense, by striking a fine balance between limiting the access of free users but at the same time providing a good first time experience. I was so happy and thanked my MSN buddy again after watching the first movie.

If you are still busy searching on the search engines for free downloadable movies, I would recommend you to visit Try it out for 2 weeks, and if you would like to continue after that, you only need to make payment once and have unlimited access to all the movies you like.

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