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I had just reached the doorstep of my house after a busy day at work. As soon as I opened the door, my younger sister came running to me screaming, "Sis, help me download new movies, I`m so left behind!" This extreme excitement was probably due to the fact that she had just finished her UPSR exam, and my mother had grounded her from watching any movies, especially the addictive soap operas. In actual fact, my younger sister had been begging me to download new movies for her even in the midst of her tests. I refused to do so until after her exam was over, and it was now time for me to fulfill my promise.

During my leisure time, I often watch television series through Youtube, or managed to download some old movies through Torrent websites, some which have been shut down. To make things worse, my sister was a total movie fanatic and wanted shows that had just been screened in the cinema a week ago. Right away, I started up my computer and searched on Google for ‘download new movies`, which as usual gave me thousands of results. The next challenge was that those new movies had to be free as I was not willing to fork up any money for so many new movies, which would obviously be rather pricey.

I slowly went through each hit on the first and second results page. To my dismay, all the movies required payments immediately, no chance for me to grab any freebies. My sister came around again, chanting "download new movies for me, quickly sis, I`m so bored!" I was so tired going through each page, and I chased her out of my room, commanding her to wait. The only option I had left was to ask for help from my Facebook contacts, hoping there would be some of them who were really into movies and knew where to download new movies. Fortunately, there were indeed a few of my contacts who knew which site to go to, and the first response was to visit

I quickly clicked the link, and almost exited immediately when I saw all the signs of payment needed on the homepage. However, I looked through carefully and realized there was an offer for users to get a free trial for 2 weeks absolutely free. Download speed was limited to 1000 kpbs and capped at 150 GB worth of movies files size. Immediately, I signed up for a free account, installed the software and started downloading movies based on my sister`s list. Of course, since it was free some titles that she wanted were unavailable. Nevertheless, I told her it was free and asked her to choose from the titles available in the free downloads database.

Over the period of 2 weeks, I managed to download 30 movies for my sister, and most of them were fairly new. Finally there was no more pestering from my sister to download new movies for her. She would be watching one movie everyday, and that would be enough to fill up her one month break.

It was such a huge relief for me, and I would recommend to movie fans seeking to download new movies.

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