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I`ve missed a lot of great movies in 2009. So, to redeem myself, the best way to do so was by downloading movies online. I`ve searched high and low to download movies online but I always end up waiting for days (and sometimes even weeks) for the files to be done. This has really frustrated me a lot, up until I found out about UseNext.

You know, when you`re in the group of movie lovers, you always want to be the one "who-knows-it-all". Knowing what new movies will come out, which great movies of all times to download and of course, what`s the better way to download movies online, puts you on an imaginary throne of "awesome-ness" that gives your self-esteem a boost. There are certain rewards to competing on winning the ‘guru of downloading movies online` title.

My friends and I were talking about it just a few days earlier. We were discussing about the potential sites which provides good quality movies with better speeds. They listed all possible ways of doing so. From using torrents, direct downloads, yada-yada-yada. Putting up a cool face, I asked, "Have you guys tried UseNext?" I could almost see question marks on their faces (which makes me smiles, almost to the point of laughing out myself). "What is UseNext?", they asked.

So I told them. "UseNext, my friends, is a client that is used to download movies online, just like other ways that we used to download one, except, with high speed access without time limit! They also offer secure, unfiltered access to UseNet, enabling you to enter discussion boards. I know, I know, you might ask, ‘Don`t they usually charge for something awesome like that?`

This you don`t have to worry. You can try downloading movies online with UseNext with their 14-days trial. Cool isn`t it? Just imagine, I signed up the other day for their free trial, and I could start downloading movies online right away! Well, that of course comes with a cap on the maximum speed. But still, that is not a problem! Trial users can apply their full premium user advantage, achieving maximum speeds at 50mbps as UseNext provide 5 gigabytes of allocation for them. Downloading movies online has never been more fun after I installed their client on my computer. I managed to download around 20 to 40 movies before the trial is over, at zero cost.

Still a little skeptic, one of my friend asked, "What will happen then after the trial?" "Well unfortunately you have to pay, but looking on the bright side, once you pay an initial fee, you can enjoy free downloads for the rest of the month! USD$23.98 for 125 gigabytes per month isn`t too much, I guess. If with the free trial you can download 20 to 40 movies online, imagine how many movies you can download in a whole month!

The looks on my friends` faces were priceless. I bet they couldn`t believe it when I explained UseNext to them. I mean, who would miss the chance to download movies online with those kind of offers? Not only do you always get the best seat, you never have to worry about what to wear! Don`t miss the chance to become the next "guru of downloading movies online" with UseNext!

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