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I had my final examinations several months ago and made a pact with myself that I would not leave the confines of my study save for meals and bathroom visits. This meant severe deprivation from watching the highly anticipated summer blockbuster movies in cinemas. Perfect timing for examinations to be held I say!

Thus, in order to keep myself up-to-date and for the sake of pride - no one likes being teased by friends - I set out on a quest on the World Wide Web to download full movies from sites with the help of the legendary Uncle Google. After days of fruitless searching, I was on the brink of giving up when a prophet in the form of a relative told me about a little program that I could use called UseNeXT during dinner.

At first, I was like everyone else - skeptical that it was just a scam, that it was too good to be true. Download full movies, via direct download - torrent-less, seedless, peerless? I even fought back several bursts of laughter when he said that it was free. Never have I seen nor heard anything of a client that provides download speeds of up to 50 Megabytes per second, provided the user's internet is up to the challenge of course. Utter nonsense I thought to myself. There has to be a catch.

Upon reaching home, curiosity got the better of me. I checked the afore-mentioned program out. After browsing for awhile, I decided out of complete desperation (yes, Transformers 2 just premiered) to defy all rational thinking and fill out the registration before proceeding to download the client from UseNeXT's website. Besides, what`s the worse that could happen? It`s not like I would be charged if I didn`t provide my credit card details.

Thinking back, I have never once heard anyone I know of that pays for downloads, rather opting to use torrents or P2P programs like Limewire, which takes forever to complete downloading. UseNeXT has a 14-day trial which allows users to download full movies using their client for a fortnight, before prompting that you have to pay for further usage. Of course there is a cap for maximum speed with this option, 1mbps being the highest one can go. However, there is a 5 gigabytes allocation for trial users to apply their full user maximum download speed, at 50mbps. So immediately after installing the client onto my computer (virus scan showed nothing) I gave it a test run, and began to download full movies while I continued studying for the upcoming exams.

Barely an hour passed and I was staring at my monitor in utter disbelief, the client actually enabled me to download full movies while keeping the numbers in my bank account unchanged.
The next morning, I woke up to the sound of a loud explosion coming from my speakers. My pristine condition Razer Lycosa Mirror™ has drool on it now! Turns out I fell asleep halfway in the early hours of the morn due to sheer exhaustion.

Some people might still be skeptical over UseNeXT, seeing as it was only a trial. What happens after that? Well, payment would have to follow, unfortunately. But I managed to download about 50 movies before the fortnight was over. Taking the price of a movie ticket cinemas charge, and comparing with the meager price of $23.89 USD per month for a maximum of 125 Gigabytes per month, or $9.52 and $11.92 for 25 and 50 gigabytes respectively, 2 trips to the cinema could cover the entire monthly cost. Imagine, no annoying loud-mouth ruining the movie for you, a personal bathroom, and the ability to pause the movie while taking toilet breaks. The only foreseeable downside would be the lack of popcorn.

Plainly put, my addiction to UseNeXT's ability to download full movies has caught the envy of many of my friends and family. Anyone looking to download full movies or TV series such as Lost or Desperate Housewives should definitely give UseNeXT a shot.

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