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My room was always the place to turn to when my friends wanted to watch movies. I`m not trying to brag, but I am quite an expert in finding the latest movies and downloading it before anyone else does. I`m always the first. What really bugged me was the fact that it always takes so much time to download these movies. There`s always a part 1 and a part 2 and sometimes it goes on and on until it reaches 12 parts (Youtube, anyone?)! What was more annoying was that I had to search for every part separately. Soon enough, I got tired of downloading the separate parts of the movies on my own. Why wouldn`t I? It felt worse when sometimes I couldn`t find some parts in the movie and didn`t understand the whole story just because of the missing part!

Of course, that was before I discovered USENEXT. When I started using USENEXT, I could hardly believe the downloading speed it offered. I tried the trial package and did my first download. Believe it or not, there were no separate parts for each movie. It was the first time I ever had the chance to download full length movies, and it saved me a lot of time. Another thing that helped me save even more time was, as I said before, the downloading speed it offered. I didn`t just download full length movies; I downloaded full length movies with no pop ups and no ads in the middle of the movies. It was just so great. Furthermore, there were no waiting times for files when I downloaded them using USENEXT.

My friends were impressed as well. Since then, my room has become the center of attention of every student living on the same floor as I am. I began to make new friends, of whom I told them about USENEXT and how they could download full length movies. Now, I have finished the trial package but still continue to use USENEXT. For a minimal fee every month, I get to download full length movies to watch everyday. My eyes have practically become glued to the laptop from watching movies non-stop. (and so are my friends` eyes, haha).

I`ve been using USENEXT for quite a while now, and it hasn`t let me down yet since I first started using it. I quite like using USENEXT. Truth be told, I absolutely love using it. USENEXT to me, stands for something. ‘USE` stands for the many uses of the USENEXT downloader, such as a place to download full length movies, while ‘NEXT` stands for the great quality, high enough to be used by human beings from the next generation. But there`s more to life than just a word, right? USENEXT is not just a word. It`s the best downloader I have ever used! As of today, I have downloaded several movies and am waiting for them to complete as I write this review. Movie-lovers out there should really take a chance to download full-length movies using USENEXT.

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