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Being a straight forward nerd student, I`ve never once believed in downloading anything of the Internet, especially downloading free dvd movies. It was until a friend of mine kept nagging about how useless Bittorrent and Limewire could be that initially caught my interest in the topic. According to her, all those downloading clients like Bit Comment and Torrents were very good, but only up to certain point. She, being a student with a limited monthly allowance, could at first tolerate the slow downloading process, but then it eventually became tedious to even her. Thereafter, she roamed the internet and found UseNeXt, a similar downloading client which she apparently found useful. She then suggested it to me.

At first, I was reluctant to even acknowledge the existence of downloading free dvd movies, and being the good boy that I am, I would never deal with anything over the internet especially when it involves money or a credit card. I prefer to buy dvd movies over the counter, but when I finally got myself to sit down and fully understand the concept of UseNext, I was utterly amazed by it. By using Usenext, you are able to download dvd movies for free at high speed, rivaling those used by premium broadband users. This means that it takes less time to download a movie compared to using other internet downloading clients. I was amazed that it only took me about an hour and a half to download a movie.

Of course, your download speeds are primarily based on your internet connectivity, and being broke, I only use the internet over college Wifi when I am in my school library. Even then, I was amazed with the speed they gave for trial users, up to 5 gigabytes. I was able to download free dvd movies at 50 mbps speed, and I managed to download 2 movies on the first day of getting UseNeXt itself.

The one thing that attracted me to UseNext other then it being free is the wide variety of choices it offers. Other then enjoying the latest movies, I too enjoy watching old films such as classical films from the 1920s (Charlie Chaplin is my favourite, you should check him out). What`s more is that you can even download dvd movies for free. I was very much surprised and pleased with the option as I could find almost all my favorite classical titles in DVD quality there.

There is a saying that "nothing in the world is free". Therefore after my trial period was over, I was disappointed that I could not continue to download for free. However, I am proud to say that I was satisfied with the amount of movies that I was able to download, and believe me when I say that I was able to download close to 35 movies during my trial period.

Trust me when I say that it is safe to pay UseNext for the movies because it is totally worth it. At first I had my doubts as well, but after much consideration I gave it a try and I am glad to say that it is legit. When you really think about it, you save tons of money by downloading movies through UseNext rather then watching it in the cinema because the cost of watching 3-4 movies in the cinema can equally give you unlimited downloads over UseNext. What more can I say?

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