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If you know me well, I`m sure that you`ll know how much I like to watch movies. I like it so much that I will sometimes borrow DVDs from friends and go to the cinemas. However, students like me have limited pocket money to buy DVDs, not to mention that each movie ticket costs you a hefty 8 bucks. 8 bucks sounds like nothing but you will know how significant 8 bucks is when you watch a movie at the theaters every week. It will cost you a hefty 32 bucks a month! That`s a hefty amount for a student!

To sustain my hunger for movies, I resorted to download and burn movies to CDs. Nevertheless, downloading movies from internet has its disadvantages too. The poor speeds in my local area are one thing, but there`s also the constant bombardment of advertisements from these host websites. It took me ages to download a movie, and the continuous pop-ups made my computer lag. Another reason which puts me off from downloading movies from the Internet is the expensive fee. It costs a few bucks per movie, and I sometimes find myself shelling out hundreds of dollars a month.

Well, I am happy now, as I have found a new best friend in UseNeXT! I can search for images, slideshow and extract data with just one or two clicks. The most important thing is that I can completely download and burn movies at faster-than-normal speeds. It only takes a few minutes to download a burn movies; approximately 674MB in a mere 34 seconds. Isn`t it amazing? UseNeXT is definitely a time-saving software. Now, I do not have to wait for hours to download a full movie anymore. On top of that, UseNeXT is 100% ad-free! There`re no dialers, spyware, banners and those annoying pop-ups; so in layman`s terms, it means no more computer lagging!

When I come across new software, I usually score zero in the learning department, but not with UseNeXT. It`s interface is really clean and simple, and very user-friendly. I just need to double click on the files when I want to download and burn movies, and it will immediately take me to the download manager, where I can then use the search box to hunt for specific content. I can even see the most popular download content systematically by category with just a few clicks on the newsgroups.

Doubting about the veracity of the speed of UseNeXT? I doubted about it too which was why I tried the software first. Yes, you can give it a try with it`s 14 days trial, which is totally free of charge. Why not take it for a spin? If the speed is not satisfying, you can simply uninstall it and forget about it. However, there`s no way you can call software which takes only 34 seconds to download and burn movies 674MB in size slow. Furthermore, UseNeXT uses cutting edge security standards to protect personal information, so no more worries about leakage of personal information.

Why is UseNeXT amazing? After you pay the affordable initial monthly fees, you can download and burn movies for free! Additionally, it`s easy to use, super fast in downloading movies, and most importantly ad-free! Now, I don`t hate downloading movie from internet anymore!

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