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If you`re a movie junkie, you`re probably wondering where or which sites you can download a movie from for free. Although Google might help you out in this area a little, I bet some of you, like me, are still not entirely satisfied with the service that you`ve been getting.

Fret not my fellow junkies (movie junkies, I mean); I`m here to help you with that. Here`s the best kept secret on how to download a movie for free, at maximum speeds no less.

Okay, so maybe it`s not that big of a secret, but let`s just assume it is. I was searching on Google the other day, looking for sites which can offers to download a movie for free when I saw the site, UseNext. They were giving a14 day free trial, with one of the many privileges allowing you to download a movie at download speeds of up to 14 mbps.

Being a little skeptical at first and afraid that it might be a scam, I tried asking a friend of mine about the site. He informed me that the program was pretty safe, so I told myself to give it a try anyway. After all, I wasn`t going to be charged for anything, right?

Although trial users have to deal with a cap on their maximum download speed, UseNext allocates 5 gigabytes for trial users to fully apply the premium user`s maximum download speed of 50mbps. After I registered (which is a fairly easy process, took me only about 5 minutes) and installed the client onto the computer, I tried to download a movie. To my surprise, the download process was extremely fast compared to some of the other methods of downloading movies. Taking torrents as a benchmark, I tried downloading the same movie using torrents and via direct download over UseNext at the same time, and guess who the winner was?

At the end of the 14 days trial, I`ve managed to download almost 50 movies; imagine how many movies you can download if you were to sign up for their paid services. I have told my friends about this site, and they too have tried their hand at the 14 day trial. There is no need to worry about them charging a thing for the trial because it is absolutely free!

If you are still a little unsure about the paid services, here`s the thing: you pay for an initial fee, after which they give you free downloads for the rest of the month! How cool is that? The paid services on offer come in a few packages; USD$23.98 for 125 gigabytes per month or USD$9.52 or USD$11.92 for 25 and 50 gigabytes respectively per month. I don`t think that`s very expensive compared to some of the other paid services that other similar sites offer. Plus, you get to watch your favorite movies from home without any distractions, and the money you save from visiting the cinema alone makes it more than worth it.

My friends, now that you know how to download a movie for free, go give it a try!

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