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During a conversation with my friends over coffee the other day, one of them brought up the subject that human beings might possibly look like the ones in the Wall-E movie, especially with all the technology that is pampering us and making our lives more and more automated and easy.

No doubt, technology keeps changing and getting better each day. My friend pointed out the internet as an example and how it has affected our lives now. In my opinion, I think the internet is the best thing that is invented and the geniuses who took the opportunity to come up with the idea of providing movie downloads services on the internet. With my busy schedule, I give two thumbs up for these services mainly because it allows me to do 2 things at once. While I am working during the day, I can leave my computer on and download my movies. After work, I can watch the movies I`ve downloaded at my convenience and the comfort of my own home without the need to go to the rental shops or the cinemas.

It is quite a chore for me to do a comparison with all the download sites available. There are so many of it online and it is confusing. Having a day off couple of months ago and no plans on my agenda, I surfed the net and stumbled upon UseNeXt, which had become my personal best movie download site thus far. I signed up on the trial package after being lure by the irresistible 14-days free trial with unlimited movie downloads UseNeXt offered.

Unlike many movie download sites, UseNeXt do not require me to pay a down-payment during the trial period and I can cancel my subscription if I am not happy with its trial package. I think it`s the best movie download site I`ve stumbled upon!
Although UseNeXt is not known as one of the best movie download site, I think it has the potential to be one soon.

Reviewing their paid subscription packages and doing a quick research on cinema ticket prices and original movie DVDs, UseNeXt offers are affordable. The three types of monthly subscription packages are priced at $11.99 for 25 Gigabytes, $18.01 for 50 Gigabytes and $30.07 for a whopping 125 Gigabytes. The prices of the subscription packages are hard to come by especially when it includes many other services such as phone and online support, anonymity and a secure login panel for client to manage their account.

I think UseNeXt deserves some credits to be rated as the best movie download site after the usual sites we get in almost all reviews. UseNeXt has all the functionalities a best movie download site has to offer. UseNeXt even has extra promotions that can easily put them on top of the charts with the well-known names of movie download sites.

In the meantime, UseNeXt has won me over as one of their loyal customer after completing my trial period with complete satisfaction. I am happily downloading my movies now during the day and watching it when I get home at night. With UseNeXt, I am also planning to throw a movie marathon at my place with my friends soon!

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