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The movie ‘Dragonball` was showing in cinemas a while ago, but since I was working as a part-time secretary for my dad`s friend, I wasn`t given the chance to catch it. He was perfectly strict about the job he offered, and I knew that, so I reluctantly accepted that I couldn`t go. I was told that I had to stay at my desk or else. Every single day I had to work from nine to five, with only about an hour of lunch break, and after that I would be too tired to go out anymore. Here I was hoping that I could have a chance to catch ‘Dragonball`, but the movie had already stopped premiering in cinemas once I finished. Major bummer.

Thus, I decided to search for other alternatives, so I turned on my laptop and searched ‘free full length movies` using Google. There were a lot of search results but most of them seemed like a scam. I didn`t know which one to choose and was too lazy to chance upon one using trial and error, so I called up a few friends and was informed that I should definitely try a program which went by the name ‘USENEXT`. It was in the top row in the search results, so it must be something good, I thought.

Downloading it to my computer, it seemed quite good on my first impression. As a test, downloaded three movies, and all in all it took less than five hours to complete the downloading. I was really impressed by the download speed. But was it really for free? Was it true that USENEXT offered free full length movies to be downloaded? Indeed it was. I didn`t just get one free full length movie. Up until now, I have more than FIFTY.
After two weeks, the trial package ended. I was quite anxious about the payment I had to make if I still wanted to use USENEXT to continue downloading free full length movies. Miraculously, it was relatively cheap. I only had to pay $9.52 to continue getting free full length movies for a whole whopping month. With the downloading speed it offered, it was impossible to get such a cheap fare for the arsenal of free full length movies I could obtain, whether at the theatres or from the local rental store. Not only was I able to watch the latest movies, I was also able to catch up with the previous episodes of ‘Ugly Betty` that I had constantly missed prior to my man-eating boss episodes.

With UseNext, I don`t lament missing the chance to hang out with my friends at the cinema anymore, and my bossy sister hogging the remote control has become a problem of the past. I can now have fun on my own, lying on my heavenly-bed and hugging my big, brown teddy bear all the way through the movies, directing controls using the laptop`s remote control. USENEXT has now become my new best friend - I love it so much!

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